Airportals - (2016-   ) Tracking panoramas shot on runways. I am always glued to airplane windows.

Constr(u/i)ction - ( 2015-    ) Digital circumambulations through the artifice of urban construction sites.

Stratum - (2008-     ) This series engages a complexity of spatial information layered between the viewer and the perceived.

Gowanusites  - (2010-11) These images areslightly tweeked framings of the diaphanous and unidentifiable substances en route the surface of the Brooklyn canal.

Photograms - (1976-2006) Unique silver gelatin photograms. Composed of found objects and cut paper, exposed with various light sources including matches, flashlights and Christmas lights. My interest was in tearing holes in usual time/space constrictions present in the making of a photograph. Total exposure time approximately 15 minutes for most. I became interested in photography as improvised performance. The finished documents are recordings of successions of light events that happened to the photo paper.

Flora - (2000-07) -Portraits of flowers using lighting qualities to reveal infrequently captured aspects of their personalities. Shot on film /medium format camera / originals printed on silver gelatin paper /digitally scanned negatives.

Terrain - (2000-07) - Recordings of some pauses/stops made while scrolling through the camera's focal plane. These happened where the frame had momentarily taken on an enigmatic quality due to the properties of the lens optics and the qualities of the specific spatial detailing.

Botanica- (1996-99) -Selectively applied photo-chemistry on exposed silvered photo paper. Chemistry application methodology reiterates the botanical structures exposed on the paper.

Figure Reciphered - (1991-96) -Selectively applied photo-chemistry on exposed silvered photo paper.  The paper was first exposed to film shot of various figuration.

Printed Landscape - (1987-90) - Photographs of the interiors of books & magazines wherein previously photographed subjects are re-framed within their three- dimensional context.